GMB trade union fighting ASDA contract 6
19 June 2019

A One to One meeting is an official meeting between you and your manager. On Contract 6, the manager will discuss the potential impact of the contract changes on you.

1. REPRESENTATION - You have the right to be accompanied by a rep to your One to One meeting. You have the right to a postponement if your GMB rep is not available. failing that your Regional GMB Officer.

2. INFORMATION - In the meeting, your manager should come prepared with detailed information to share with you about how the proposed changes will impact on you and your finances.

3. SIGNING DOCUMENTS - You should not sign anything in this first One to One. There is no hurry. The proposed changes would not kick in until November and GMB wants a better deal for you. You may not be asked to sign it there and then, but if you are, you are within your rights (and should) to say no.

4. CAN ASDA FIRE ME FOR NOT SIGNING? -  You cannot be dismissed or disciplined in this meeting for refusing to sign a new contract.

5. WHAT IS THE GMB'S POSITION? -  The deal we are being offered is not good enough. Asda colleagues work hard to make Asda profitable, and we are angry that such changes could just be imposed. We are continuing to push for a better deal. GMB is going to ballot on the Asda proposals, so watch out for more details. If members are not happy with it, we may be left with no choice but to ballot for industrial action.

If you need further help or support, contact your store rep in the first instance or failing that your Regional GMB Officer.

GMB North West & Irish Region

ASDA contract 6 GMB Giovanna Holt