ASDA staff face job cuts in stores
22 February 2018

As you may be aware changes are continuing leading to loss of hours and potential job cuts.

We are aware of Consultations in the following areas:

  • Petrol Filling Stations (Kiosks)
  • Section Leaders in Supermarkets
  • GM aisle planner/MVG/Tech desks
  • George/GM desk removal—refit
  • Online Grocery Hub & Spoke (personal shoppers)
  • Scan & Go
  • Re-alignment of Security hours

Not all stores in the region are affected, although some stores will have more than one area involved.

When you are given flexibility questionnaires and dates for your first 1to1 meetings, make sure you either contact your in-store rep if you have one. If not contact us either via this website or call 0161 622 4997 for help.

GMB North West & Irish Region