GMB is ASDA trade union
25 July 2018

The GMB negotiating team met with ASDA management on Monday 23rd July 2018.

Progress has been made in recent negotiations, however, GMB rejected the offers below because they fall short of the current rate of inflation (3.4 %) and average pay increases in the private sector.

Inflation is estimated to remain around 3% next year, and what with Brexit and the proposed Sainsbury’s merger, the second part of the 24 month deal is unattractive.

The pay offers:

(A)          24 month dea

Year one - 2% on basic and other rates (overtime, shift etc) Year two - 2% on basic and other rates (overtime, shift etc)


(B)          24 month deal -

Year one - 2.3% on the basic rate only Year two - 2.3% on the basic rate only

There is now a break in negotiations because of annual leave commitments during the school holidays and also management wish to take stock and consider their response

We are going to take the opportunity to consult with GMB members and reps across the ALS network.

NJC reps will be out talking to GMB members in their depots, gathering info and reactions, so these can be fed back into the negotiating process.

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