GMB fight plans by arco to de-recognise union
23 August 2018

ARCO served the notice to de-recognise the GMB trade union, following the knowledge of ballot returns and then canvassed the workforce asking if they wanted the GMB to represent them.


ARCO and The GMB Trade Union have held long established industrial relations, a joint recognition agreement has been in place since 2012, and historically between CCM LTD which existed prior to this back in 1993.

Over recent years the style of management has become aggressive and many of our members have suffered disciplinary action as a result.

They have been taken to CAC on more than one occasion and as a result of this years pay negotiations and the members rejection via an ERS ballot the company then used the figures returned and canvassed the workforce as to whether they wish The GMB Trade Union to remain as their negotiating body.

Karen Lewis, Regional Officer says,"This is nothing more than bully boy tactics meant to intimidate and put fear amongst those less able to speak up for themselves, we ask for support from those companies such as BAE Systems who ARCO incorporate the logos for to put pressure on ARCO to change their minds and return to the table to discuss an amicable way to continue with our industrial relations and retain the recognition agreement, without which terms and conditions can be driven down and pay rises in line with RPi will become a thing of the past ".

There is also a site at Hull and Blackburn. The company employs approx 139 employees of mixed race and ethnicity.


The GMB union members will demonstrate at the company offices in Preston on Wednesday 29 August 2018 between 12 & 2pm, urging management to come to the table on this issue.


                                                                                                                                            GMB North West & Irish Region