GMB North West & Irish Region
14 February 2013

As you may be aware, the Korean Government Employees Union - a PSI affiliate - has issued an appeal  for world-wide support in their struggle for legal recognition.

First their president, and now all their senior leaders, have embarked on a hunger strike, now entering its fourth week. They need the support of public sector unions around the world and of course are very appreciative of all the support PSI has given . But we need something more from you.
We've already gotten nearly 10,000 trade unionists from around the world to send off messages -- and we think we can get many more, if all PSI affiliates were to pass on the appeal to their own members. The campaign is here and it's available in 20 languages.
We've found that the best way -- indeed, the only way -- to get thousands of protest messages sent is to email directly to tens of thousands of ordinary, rank-and-file trade unionists. PSI's General Secretary has recorded a video  expressing the full support the world's public sector unions are giving to our brothers and sisters in Korea.
Let's make that support real by mobilizing our members, in their thousands, to send off messages.
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