The application for funding contained in this exclusive offer is available to GMB members only.

GMB Ruskin Scholarship Fund Background

For a number of years  the GMB has been working in partnership with Ruskin College,  Ruskin Hall, Dunstan Road, Old Headington, Oxford, OX3 9BZ , the National Trade Union College supported by all unions and the TUC to encourage working men and women to further their education and skills in support  of trade union education and principles .

The GMB has deposited with the College a GMB Scholarship Fund for the support of GMB members who wish to undertake courses of study provided by or at Ruskin College as part of the GMB’s commitment to Lifelong Learning for GMB members.

The College has provided a “second Chance” for many working people to obtain higher education opportunities from across the UK. Many famous trade union leaders and activists within the labour and trade union movement have studied at Ruskin.

The GMB Ruskin Scholarship Fund is predominately aimed at members who wish to pursue a course of higher education with Ruskin College .GMB members who become students will be supported with a one year award to help offset against some of the costs of participating in a course of study with Ruskin. You must have been accepted on a course of study with Ruskin or be in the process of applying to be a student at the College when an application to the GMB Scholarship Fund is made.

 You will find the latest Prospectus for Ruskin College at:

Or by contacting Ruskin College direct on: 01865 759600GMB North West & Irish Region


Contained in this booklet are:

  • General notes about the Fund
  • The application process & criteria.
  • The Fund application form
  • Contact details.

    GMB Scholarship Fund – General Notes


  • The Scholarship Award is open to GMB members only who have been accepted by Ruskin College to undertaking a recognised course of study.
  •  Applicants may apply to the Fund during the process of application to undertake a course with Ruskin. However, awards will only be confirmed when Ruskin College has notified the GMB that the individual has been accepted on the approved course of study. 
  • The award is at the discretion of the GMB in consultation with Ruskin College, both parties will agree the overall purposes for which an award can be applied. These may vary year by year depending on changes to course fees, Government grants or public funds available at the time of application.
  • The actual amount awarded will vary depending on the nature of the application, support required and or the available GMB Scholarship Funds in any given year. This will be capped at £1000 per application.
  • The award is subject to applicants participating fully within the study programme agreed by the College.  Failure to do so will lead to the withdrawal of the award.
  • The award is discretionary and valid only for the period specified in the award offer letter, usually for one year.
  • The method of payment of the award, if granted, will be agreed between Ruskin College and the GMB at their sole discretion.
  • Awards will be to offset costs directly associated with the course of study applicants intend to undertake.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they can afford to meet the full costs of the study programme and have the necessary time available to complete the course.
  •  Awards will relate to the full course duration and are not automatically renewed annually. Members may reapply, however the aim is to maximise the number of GMB members / students supported each year depending upon demand.
  • The Admissions Officer of Ruskin College will advise applicants in relation to eligibility for Student Loans or other funds from the public purse in relation to their chosen courses of study.


The award is not designed to fully fund a course of study or

as a substitute for the student loan where they apply.

 Claims for loss of earnings during study are ineligible


Application Process & Criteria


Applications should be made prior to the commencement of a course of study or during the application stage when the individuals knows they are eligible to undertake the course. Eligibility criteria for courses can be obtained from the College prospectus or by consulting Ruskin College direct.

A GMB member must complete the application form in full and return it to one of the panel members listed below, electronically or paper version to the following address, Colin Kirkham, National Project Director, GMB, Grove Hall, 60 College Grove Road, Wakefield, WF1 3RN A member must have paid at least 52 weeks subscriptions and be fully financial at the time of application.

No commitments should be entered into on the assumption that an award will be made.

Applicants should have the active support of their local Branch Secretary or workplace convenor/ representative. GMB Regional Secretaries will be consulted and advised about applications from the Fund.

The awards do not apply to any other college, institution or training provider.

If you would like further advice, information or guidance

 please contact one of the following:


GMB Panel Members:

Colin Kirkham (National Project Director)

Kevin Flanagan (Reach Out Project Manager)

John Callow (Political Officer) North West & Irish Region