GMB March in May Day Rally
8 May 2017

The North West & Irish Region Gas Branch 173 based in Liverpool, represent all gas workers across the North West and have approximately two thousand members.

Every year, for many years, they send a delegation of approximately eight stewards to Belfast to take part in a mass rally attended by many different unions. They march through the streets of Belfast highlighting the working man/woman and it is one day were all other issues in Belfast are forgotten, as they come together to unite for the Union movement.

It usually attracts about two thousand marchers and they all link up with our counterparts of the GMB in Northern Ireland. It is a fantastic way to show solidarity and strength with Unity together.

‘’We see it as a reminder of why we do our role and become invigorated to come back and face any challenges’’ says John Daly of the GMB.

The people in the photographs are:-

·         John Daly....Chairman and Senior Steward NW

·         Phil Adshead...Branch Sec

·         Ian Hughes....executive member

·         Sonia Jennings executive member

·         Ian Wilshaw rep

·         Dave Knowles rep

·         Pat Delahunty Retired members association

·         Alan Maclean rep

''As has been the tradition for many years the May Day celebrations took place on the Saturday before the Bank Holiday. Reps and members from right across the GMB membership in Northern Ireland were joined by comrades from Liverpool on the march which took in Royal Avenue, Belfast City Hall and Donegal Street. 

The numbers in attendance continue to grow each year, and we hope that this will also improve in the future. 
Following the march, we retired to the National Club, where everyone enjoyed very welcomed food and refreshments, and entertainment. 
Each year the organising committee select a charity to support and raise funds throughout the day, this year we supported the NI Children's Hospice in a number of differ by ways.''
Michael Mulholland - senior organiser


The GMB May Day Committee are always looking for GMB members to assist and take part in fund raising activities. If any GMB members are interested in getting involved, please contact the GMB Holywood Office who will pass on your details to GMB May Day Committee Chair Bob Gun.  Call 02890 393 340