GMB Strike Ballot at British Gas
9 November 2017

Ballot Papers will be going out today and action is being called, as a result of three GMB Senior trade union reps in the Northwest region; being suspended since 8th August on allegations of Bullying.

The company are acting allegedly on complaints supposedly made by employees that they felt Bullied and intimidated by open comments made on “WhatsApp”; a free messaging service for Smartphones.

The company had allegedly taken statements from four engineers whose identity has remained anonymous throughout the whole process, and are now treating the Disciplinaries as a Gross Misconduct; which can carry a sanction of Dismissal, if proven!

The GMB are disappointed the company have treated the union reps the way they have, so due to the company’s unwillingness to try and resolve the issue through dialogue, the GMB, the union for Gas Workers, now feel they are left with no alternative, but to address the wishes of their union members; whose reps are suspended, to give them the opportunity to show Solidarity and support, for their representatives!

Should any industrial action follow because of the workforce Ballot, this will affect British Gas customers, should they need a boiler servicing, any repair or installation; and will also affect any installation or servicing of “Hive” which is a British Gas App based heating control system.

The GMB believe this is a direct attack the GMB trade union and its members!

George Patterson

Organiser Northwest Region

GMB North West & Irish Region