GMB members wanted for BBC2 documentary
13 July 2017

We are making a landmark BBC2 observational documentary series exploring the lives of men and women around the UK who are in employment but finding it a challenge to live on their income. 

''We’d like to understand what it is like for British households with constant financial hardship and little to fall back on, who are facing difficult choices for themselves and their families. By following the experiences of people in these situations – workers on zero hours contracts; public sector workers struggling on a seven  year pay cap; families trying to keep up with rising house prices; single parents adjusting to becoming the main breadwinner after a relationship split; those managing serious debt, and many others – we hope to both give them the space to tell their stories, and say something meaningful about the current state of working life across the nation. 

We are keen to shine a spotlight on a diverse range of professions from around the country, to highlight that living and working in the UK can be challenging for anyone, regardless of what job you do or what part of the country you live in. Above all, we would like to make a hopeful and inspiring series, giving a voice to those who are finding that working hard is just not enough to thrive in Britain today.

We have been speaking with various unions and organisation, and learning about the experiences of people facing financial hardship. I would very much welcome the opportunity to speak with you in order to find out about the issues faced by your members in the North West.''

Ruth Nicklin

Series Producer

T:   +44 (0) 207 490 3580

M: +44 (0) 7931 252 404

A: 9-10 Great Sutton Street, London, EC1V 0BX