GMB forced to strike at Arriva over pay offer
8 November 2017

The GMB and Unite memberships have presently taken two days of Strike Action against Arriva Buses who are insisting that they cannot improve the present pay offer put to their employees after several months of negotiations.  

The Joint memberships response has been to inform the Company that they will now be extending the Strike action to take in the this Monday 30th October 2017 and Monday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th November 2017.

Whilst the Company is continually trying to split the depots with offers which give different increases in pay rates and threats of closure at other depots, the resolve of the joint membership is growing stronger with each day of Strike Action.

The Company who prior to the dispute questioned the resolve of the Joint membership if they had to take two-day Strike Action, must now be regretting the stupidity of those comments.

The Company have apologised to the public for the removal of the service whilst the Strike Action is in place, and so they should, as it is their negligence in the negotiations which has caused their employees to take Strike Action. 

Many of the public appreciate and understand the reasons for the dispute, and hopefully, at further meetings taking place between the Company, the GMB and Unite on Thursday, Arrive will show they understand also by proposing an acceptable increase in the hourly rate of pay for all our joint membership.

Eddie Parker

GMB Organiser

Contact Regional Office 0151 727 0077 if you are a member involved