GMB Trade Union fighting for Our NHS
6 July 2018

GMB Activists were out in force in Liverpool City Centre today helping shoppers raise a cup of tea to the NHS on its 70th birthday and were handing out cups of tea in commemorative mugs on a beautiful sunny day in busy shopping area.

GMB Regional Secretary Paul McCarthy was helping out and taking part in a bit of improvised street theatre with Mike Howell and his actors from the play ‘Cammell Laird The Truth’. Mike and his gang (dressed in 40s style doctors and nurses outfits) were “treating” passers by including Paul who seemed to have numerous “injuries” (see photo).

Commenting on the event Paul said:

“What a fantastic response from the people of Liverpool to help celebrate a marvellous achievement of 70 years of treating people on demand and free at the point of service. People were coming up in droves to tell us their own experiences and how we must all fight to save our NHS from the Tories and their cronies who are stripping it down ready to sell off.

Well done to everyone who took part and thanks for all your support which is very much appreciated by NHS staff”.